The Dead Comedian’s Socks is essentially me, Frank Cassidy. In 2008, when I started gigging on the open mic scene. I found it hard to locate clubs which were fair and supportive to new acts. There where lots of ‘Gong‘ shows and pay to play stuff, but mostly it was badly run nights which didn’t warm the room up and over ran.

So with the help of some comedy buddies I set up and ran The Dead Comedian’s Socks which organized open mic and paid events. These always tried to be fair to everyone involved, be a great show and punch above their weight in the entertainment stakes.

Over the years The Dead Comedian’s Socks has built up following on facebook and a great reputation for putting ACTS first.

These days I organize GIGs for The Water Poet (in the world famous comedy bunker) and do regular private events in Pubs outside London.

The Water Poet has an weekly open mic event called Touching Cloth (New Material Night) and one off special paid events called Comedy Squared.

I enjoy hosting these events as it helps me get stage-time, meet ACTS and build an ongoing relationship with the audience.

Here’s some nostalgia from various events I’ve organised: