Touching Cloth – New Material Night

Touching Cloth (New Material Night) is a weekly FREE comedy show that let’s comedians (new and established) try out new material on the public at large.
Every Wednesday we start at 8pm and roller-coaster through some of the newest, strangest but always funny comedy ideas from London’s comedy community.
Are you a wannabe comedian? Do you think you’ve a 5 minute set in you? Well come down and try out!
Unlike other shows where ACTs need to bring ‘guests’ (bring-ie), we do not require this. This show is a stay-ie (ACTS are expected to stay and support all the other ACTS on the show).
Don’t want ot book, no worries! We reserve walk-in spots on each show, so turn up early and grab one!
The best part? It’s totally free to attend. Just get down to the Water Poet on Folgate Street, grab a beverage and strap in for some free funnies from London’s finest comedians working the greatest comedy scene in the world!